Gladwell's theories help explain the Celtics' recent success

Gladwell's theories help explain the Celtics' recent success

I recently finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, which I would highly recommend.  In the book, Gladwell looks at how some of the most noteworthy athletes, businessmen, and musicians have achieved success.  While talent plays a big factor, other influences such as age, family history, and opportunity all play even larger roles.  For example, while many talented computer programmers have existed throughout the years, the most noteworthy ones (i.e. Bill Gates), were all born around the same time.  When computers really started taking off, people with talent like Gates were at the perfect age to jump right in and eventually start successful companies.  An article by J.A. Adante of ESPN looks to apply these similar concepts to last year’s Boston Celtics. Continue Reading


In an ad that our colleague Ryan would appreciate, Kevin Garnett visits the UCLA locker room.  The video is part of a new ad campaign from Adidas that also features Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, and T Mac, 3 other guys that skipped college to join the association.  KG finds a #5 Bruins jersey and hypes us up for a little March Madness.  For Celtic fans though, something seems a little off.  I realize that UCLA isn’t necessarily affiliated with the Lakers, but it is the same city.  Couldn’t they have at least sent him to BC? BU? Holy Cross?  Maybe even Illinois since KG played his high school ball nearby.  Seeing any jersey that has both “LA” and “Garnett” on it just feels dirty.

While your grandparents may still be listening to the music of their youth and disregarding anything recorded after 1950, others have stepped up to the challenge of understanding modern artists.  I draw your attention to Breakfast at Sulimays: a Youtube series in which elderly people review modern music.  While the premise sounds hilarious, the series offer some  poignet social commentary, especially in regards to race (And we all know how insightful old people can be when it comes to that subject).  In this episode, Ann, Joe, and Bill review tracks from Young Jeezy and Animal Collective.

While Ann appreciates the hot beats that Jeezy gets down on, Joe wants to examine the bigger picture.  He mentions that while African Americans have made great progress, rappers like Young Jeezy may destroy such achievements.  Perhaps he should go on The O’Reilly Factor to debate such issues.  Meanwhile, the Animal Collective song, “My Girls,” gets negative reviews all around, as the panel finds both the music and lyrics too repetitive.  I can’t help but express my dissapointment in such a review, as I spent some considerable time endorsing the album on this site.  However, I think that the deep, sonic textures used by the Collective may just be a little too hard for this panel to hear.

Big Baby is the latest Celtic to go down

Big Baby is the latest Celtic to go down

All sports teams are forced to deal with injuries throughout the course of a season, but injuries to this year’s Celtics team are piling up at an alarming rate. The latest injury to Glen Davis leaves the team with five players out, including two starters. The C’s have battled injuries before and found players willing to step up, but this recent string could be too much to deal with. Doc Rivers has put a positive spin on this, stating that he would rather have a team that’s 100% for the playoffs, even if it means giving up home court advantage. Furthermore, Doc has suggested that these injuries give the new Celtics an opportunity to get some playing time and learn the system. Although Doc is showing some optimism, should Celtics fans be worried about the possible implications of these injuries? Continue Reading

Sorry Kobe.  It's the King's turn this year.

Sorry Kobe. It's the King's turn this year.

I’ve seen quite a few of these articles around and figured I’d weigh in with my own thoughts.  It’s been an interesting season thus far, whether it’s been the reemergence of Dwayne Wade, The dominance of Lebron, or The Celtics pursuit of another title.  Since we have about a month an a half left until the playoffs, it’s time to make some picks for the year end awards.   I encourage everyone else to comment with their own choices. Continue Reading

Cassell and Pioli look to rebuild a crumbling franchise

Cassel and Pioli look to rebuild a crumbling franchise

I need to start off by saying the acquisition of Stephon Marbury is horrible.  Marbury is the second most selfish athlete in professional sports (the first being team obliterator). I know the first game for Marbury was great and he did contribute against the lowly Pacers, however when playoff time comes around, do you really trust a primadonna who only cares about himself and his personal image?  I don’t and that’s why I believe if Marbury is still on the team come playoff time, the Boston Celtics will not repeat as NBA champs!

Matt Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs isn’t surprising considering Pioli is the VP/General Manager.  I’m not sold on Matt Cassel but for the Chiefs to only give up a 2nd rounder for his services as well as Mike Vrabel, is shocking.  With that being said, Bill Belichick does love his 2nd round picks and throughout his tenure with the Patriots, the contributions of 2nd and late round picks have paved the way for a Patriots dynasty.

Still Crazy After All These Years?

Still Crazy After All These Years?

Today marks the official signing of Stephon Marbury by the Boston Celtics. While this acquisition has been the source of some controversy, it could be another step toward an 18th Celtics title. Some say that Marbury is a distraction and a cancer, but if there’s one team that would help him turn his act around, it’s this one. The question now, is how the Celtics will fit Marbury in to an already established team. While I could talk about locker room issues and chemistry here, I won’t. I have faith in the team culture and think that distractions tend to take a back seat when players finally get to play for a championship. Instead, I want to focus on how Stephon fits in where it matters most: The basketball court. Continue Reading

Your newest Facebook friend.

Your newest Facebook friend.

“Uncle Mikey has sent you a message”

You all have gotten the emails. If you’re like me then they have been coming at an alarming rate. The friend request comes next. Parents, Aunts, Uncles, friends of the family, former teachers, friends’ parents, and just about anyone else you associate with from the previous generation are joining Facebook about as fast as college students did in the span of 2004-2005.

The big problem here isn’t the fact that these people are joining; it is their right to be able to see this public information that individuals are putting online. The problem is that some of our elders don’t seem to realize that it is public information. Haven’t you noticed that the people of the baby boomer generation on Facebook share WAY too much information on their status updates? Here are a few examples of what you may see from older folks on facebook:


Franklin McGreevy just got his knee drained…goin for a brisk stroll!!!!11

Regina Harrelson is feels a hot flash coming on. Sitting by the fan reading some Danielle Steele.

Gerald Hunt  misses his children. Hopefully the separation will be over soon.

Yvonne Perry is getting dressed before her dialysis appointment.

Terry Carlson is.

Peter Nantz  is has a funk coming from his shoes. Out to go get some Dr. Scholls

Gerald Hunt cruisin for chicks! Maybe the separation was a good thing?

– Harriet Albertson had an inappropriate dream about Senator Joe Biden.

Gerald Hunt  gave a nice young woman a ride home from the bar last night. I still got it!

Gerald Hunt just received a subpoena for sexual assault.


Does this look like a face you can trust?

Does this look like a face you can trust?

If you’ve been following the news lately, you might have heard about the recent controversy involving a change in Facebook’s terms of service.  Apparently everything you post to the site somehow becomes their property and they can use it any way they please.  Of course this has created a shitstorm among people who may already be a little too self conscious about their privacy.  Personally, I don’t care too much and feel that people are probably just overreacting.  I haven’t really followed the details of this story and I actually don’t even intend to write about this specific incident.  In fact, Facebook has already addressed it on their site.  Rather, the backlash against Facebook has caused me to wonder whether in fact we’re getting tired of the service.  When I look at my own Facebook use, I find that the site that I once couldn’t do without is actually becoming an annoyance. Continue Reading

Mason could be making big shots in the Playoffs

Mason could be making big shots in the Playoffs

With All-Star weekend finished, we can now look ahead to the second half of the NBA Season.  As the trade deadline nears, many teams will be looking to make moves that will put them in better positions for the playoffs.  While the first half of the year showed us that the Celtics, Lakers, and Cavs are for real, we also learned that the Spurs may still have some fight left in them.  These last few months bring up even more questions.  Can the Celtics repeat with their current team, or will they have to add someone?  Who will be this season’s MVP?  Which underachieving first half teams will sneak up and join the elite group?  And, which majors players will be switching teams? Continue Reading