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While we’re all gearing up for the big game this weekend, we can’t forget the new ads that will be taking over our screens.  Isaac Bearg may not be an expert but he does question whether or not such big money advertising is worth it.

Some thoughts on this years NBA season from the guys at FreeDarko.  Their NBA Almanac is a must read for fans of the league.

After mentioning Bruce Springsteen in one of my posts I felt like I should post this link containing interviews with a few New Jersey artists on the Boss’s influence.   Also included here are two great covers.

The lineup for Coachella has been posted, with Paul McCartney, The Killers, and the Cure listed as headliners, among many other great artists.  Anyone up for the trip?

While we don’t always show love for New York, i gotta give it up for Knickerblogger.  The “Seven Seconds or Mess” webisodes are definitely worth checking out and always provide great analysis of games.

For those of you who follow action sports, make sure to check out Sofa King New England, a new contest in which snowboard teams compete in a video scavenger hunt at some of the best mountains in the Northeast.

Barstool Sports has a great feature on Superbowl hookers.  This is why i want to move to Tampa.

Last but not least, it appears that Santonio Holmes hasn’t learned much from the whole Mike Vick situation.


Should they be going to Phoenix?

Should they be going to Phoenix?

After the all-star reserves were announced, I immediately thought of the Celtics.  I was convinced that Boston would have at least three players on the team.  However, I was in for a rude awakening when it was revealed only Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett had been selected.  This led to some questioning: should the NBA change the way its starting line-ups are selected? Continue Reading

A concussion has kept Scal out of this year's All Star game

A concussion has kept Scal out of this year's All Star game

When the Celtics lost key role players James Posey and PJ Brown, some questions were raised about how well this year’s bench could perform. While they initially got off to a good start, the bench quickly began to show some signs of weakness. For example, during a December game which I attended against Portland, the bench failed to hold on to a big lead forcing the starters to come back in the 4th and causing Glen Davis to cry.  When the Celtics fell into a rut after Christmas day, the bench was virtually nonexistent.  Immediately, experts and analysts started questioning the Celtics depth and wondering whether they could repeat.  However, with the recent 9 game winning streak, The C’s are once again being called the team to beat.  While starters like Ray Allen are absolutely lighting it up, the contributions from key bench players are what has helped this team catch fire. Continue Reading

Why is this man holding a guitar?

Why is this man holding a guitar?

As Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band gear up for a Superbowl Halftime performance, I couldn’t help but reflect on the current state of Rock N’ Roll.  Besides The Boss, The Rolling Stones, and a select few classic rock bands who are still touring, who is carrying the torch for rock? Furthermore, who is there to inheret a form of music started by legends such as Chuck Berry and perfected by the icons such as the Beatles, Stones, and The Who?  When analyzing the current landscape, it seems we’re left with relics of the past, whose best albums are 20 years old, or lame newcomers like Nickleback who do more harm than good to the genre.  Some say that Rock died a long time ago, but a very unlikely group of artists are trying to reinvent it. Continue Reading

The New York Yankees have found themselves on the outside looking in on their quest for a world series win.  Since 2000, the Yankees have been criticized for spending too much money on players who aren’t proven in the playoffs.  A-fraud, Mike Mussina, Carl Pavano, CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Mark Teixera, Kevin Brown, etc., are all players who have been signed in hopes of the Yankees’ returning to greatness.  The issue for me is not necessarily the players being signed, but the person responsible for signing them. Continue Reading

So who is the best director of the  last ten or so years??? Before an examination can be started or a decision made, one must establish some ground rules. What makes a good director?  Should decisions be based on box office smashes? How about the ability to tell a convincing and realistic story? Or how about the number of Academy Awards the director’s films win or are nominated for.

I will use these three categories as my rubric (teacher reference!!) for grading the best directors of the last ten or so years. So who could it be??? I have decided to pick three directors that I feel are my top contenders. The contenders are: Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese, and Christopher Nolan. Let the critiquing begin…. Continue Reading


It’s been said for a while that European athletes are soft.  Whether it’s on the basketball court, the tennis court, or in the highly competitive water polo pools, European athletes seem to have great trouble fighting through injury or displaying any sense of toughness.  For a while, I doubted whether this was true.  However, as more European basketball players get drafted into the NBA and the Australian Open continues, I can’t help but notice the apparent inability to play through pain.  This has led me to question whether Europeans are actually soft, or whether Americans may take too much pride in playing with an injury. Continue Reading


I’m Tim, born and raised out here in Fitchburg. Danny asked me if I wanted to add some blogs to this site. Without hesitation I said yes. Basically, I’m into literally just about anything. I’ll be writing about the Bruins mainly. I’m also a big fan of mma. Trust me, I’m not some poser tough guy who thinks he’s tough because of this. Most likely, what I am going to write about is whatever I feel like writing about, simple as that. Be easy

Is Lebron James the chosen one?  Well, in previous years I would say most definitely not.  Lebron James, or “Lebrick James” as I’ve come to know him, has come into his own this year.  Despite still being an average free throw shooter (I believe his average is 77%) and not being a threat from three point land, he is becoming a better overall player because of his defensive presence and field goal percentage.  If you watch Cleveland games you’ll notice that he has become a very effective shot blocker from the weak-side.  I’ve seen him make “Tommy-points” on several occasions: when an opposing player seems to have an easy lay-up, the “King” comes out of no where and just blocks the ball into Cincinnati.  If Lebron James can become a better on-ball defender, which I believe he will, and can hit his free throws when they really matter, I will have no choice but to recognize him as the best player in the league.  However, until that time comes, I will still refer to him as “Prince James” and recognize who everyone else in Boston despises, Kobe Bryant as the best player in the world.

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