Your newest Facebook friend.

Your newest Facebook friend.

“Uncle Mikey has sent you a message”

You all have gotten the emails. If you’re like me then they have been coming at an alarming rate. The friend request comes next. Parents, Aunts, Uncles, friends of the family, former teachers, friends’ parents, and just about anyone else you associate with from the previous generation are joining Facebook about as fast as college students did in the span of 2004-2005.

The big problem here isn’t the fact that these people are joining; it is their right to be able to see this public information that individuals are putting online. The problem is that some of our elders don’t seem to realize that it is public information. Haven’t you noticed that the people of the baby boomer generation on Facebook share WAY too much information on their status updates? Here are a few examples of what you may see from older folks on facebook:


Franklin McGreevy just got his knee drained…goin for a brisk stroll!!!!11

Regina Harrelson is feels a hot flash coming on. Sitting by the fan reading some Danielle Steele.

Gerald Hunt  misses his children. Hopefully the separation will be over soon.

Yvonne Perry is getting dressed before her dialysis appointment.

Terry Carlson is.

Peter Nantz  is has a funk coming from his shoes. Out to go get some Dr. Scholls

Gerald Hunt cruisin for chicks! Maybe the separation was a good thing?

– Harriet Albertson had an inappropriate dream about Senator Joe Biden.

Gerald Hunt  gave a nice young woman a ride home from the bar last night. I still got it!

Gerald Hunt just received a subpoena for sexual assault.