While your grandparents may still be listening to the music of their youth and disregarding anything recorded after 1950, others have stepped up to the challenge of understanding modern artists.  I draw your attention to Breakfast at Sulimays: a Youtube series in which elderly people review modern music.  While the premise sounds hilarious, the series offer some  poignet social commentary, especially in regards to race (And we all know how insightful old people can be when it comes to that subject).  In this episode, Ann, Joe, and Bill review tracks from Young Jeezy and Animal Collective.

While Ann appreciates the hot beats that Jeezy gets down on, Joe wants to examine the bigger picture.  He mentions that while African Americans have made great progress, rappers like Young Jeezy may destroy such achievements.  Perhaps he should go on The O’Reilly Factor to debate such issues.  Meanwhile, the Animal Collective song, “My Girls,” gets negative reviews all around, as the panel finds both the music and lyrics too repetitive.  I can’t help but express my dissapointment in such a review, as I spent some considerable time endorsing the album on this site.  However, I think that the deep, sonic textures used by the Collective may just be a little too hard for this panel to hear.