The Site:

Down the Pike is a blog covering sports, music, and entertainment with a primary focus on the Boston area.  Our contributors are all born and raised in Massachusetts and have therefore acquired a taste for professional sports, Samuel Adams, and aggressive driving tactics.   We are all incredibly biased about our interests and won’t be making any excuses for the some of the content.  While you may not agree with everything that we write, we hope that our passion permeates through our writing and makes for an enjoyable read.  This blog will always be a work in progress and we are always looking for input on how we could make things better.  We are also always open to new contributors so please do not be shy.  Also make good use of the comments section where you can agree/disagree with our rants and start meaningful internet feuds.

The Writers:


Danny is an obsessive Celtics fan who spent most of his life watching underachieving teams and hearing stories about the glory days of Celtics basketball.  Along the way he also developed an interest in pro football, hip hop, and indie rock.  He has some previous journalism experience and is waiting any day for the book deal that will no doubt be offered to him. Memoir perhaps?


Film buff Craigy will be gracing readers with his movie knowledge and unparalleled critical eye.  Providing not only movie reviews, but quizzes as well, Craigy will make sure our readers stay plugged in to Hollywood.  In addition, Craigy brings an expert knowledge of baseball, college sports, and politics that will no doubt keep our readers entertained.


Don’t let Ryan fool you.  Despite being born in Massachusetts, his team allegiances leave a lot to be desired.  As a fan of the Lakers, 49ers, and Ohio St. Football, Ryan will no doubt anger a decent amount of readers.  Ryan’s volatility will definitely create some fireworks on this website and we hope it will foster some passionate debate from our readers and authors.


Tim Brousseau killed hip hop.  However, when he’s not ruining great music, Tim enjoys Boston Bruins hockey as well as MMA.  Despite the fact that these interests may usher in the “meathead” tag, Tim’s knowledge and insight will speak for itself.  In addition, he swears he does not have a tribal tattoo.