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Cassell and Pioli look to rebuild a crumbling franchise

Cassel and Pioli look to rebuild a crumbling franchise

I need to start off by saying the acquisition of Stephon Marbury is horrible.  Marbury is the second most selfish athlete in professional sports (the first being team obliterator). I know the first game for Marbury was great and he did contribute against the lowly Pacers, however when playoff time comes around, do you really trust a primadonna who only cares about himself and his personal image?  I don’t and that’s why I believe if Marbury is still on the team come playoff time, the Boston Celtics will not repeat as NBA champs!

Matt Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs isn’t surprising considering Pioli is the VP/General Manager.  I’m not sold on Matt Cassel but for the Chiefs to only give up a 2nd rounder for his services as well as Mike Vrabel, is shocking.  With that being said, Bill Belichick does love his 2nd round picks and throughout his tenure with the Patriots, the contributions of 2nd and late round picks have paved the way for a Patriots dynasty.


Should they be going to Phoenix?

Should they be going to Phoenix?

After the all-star reserves were announced, I immediately thought of the Celtics.  I was convinced that Boston would have at least three players on the team.  However, I was in for a rude awakening when it was revealed only Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett had been selected.  This led to some questioning: should the NBA change the way its starting line-ups are selected? Continue Reading

The New York Yankees have found themselves on the outside looking in on their quest for a world series win.  Since 2000, the Yankees have been criticized for spending too much money on players who aren’t proven in the playoffs.  A-fraud, Mike Mussina, Carl Pavano, CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Mark Teixera, Kevin Brown, etc., are all players who have been signed in hopes of the Yankees’ returning to greatness.  The issue for me is not necessarily the players being signed, but the person responsible for signing them. Continue Reading

Is Lebron James the chosen one?  Well, in previous years I would say most definitely not.  Lebron James, or “Lebrick James” as I’ve come to know him, has come into his own this year.  Despite still being an average free throw shooter (I believe his average is 77%) and not being a threat from three point land, he is becoming a better overall player because of his defensive presence and field goal percentage.  If you watch Cleveland games you’ll notice that he has become a very effective shot blocker from the weak-side.  I’ve seen him make “Tommy-points” on several occasions: when an opposing player seems to have an easy lay-up, the “King” comes out of no where and just blocks the ball into Cincinnati.  If Lebron James can become a better on-ball defender, which I believe he will, and can hit his free throws when they really matter, I will have no choice but to recognize him as the best player in the league.  However, until that time comes, I will still refer to him as “Prince James” and recognize who everyone else in Boston despises, Kobe Bryant as the best player in the world.

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