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M.I.A. is about to pop

M.I.A. is about to pop

Wanted to get this up over the weekend, but I was getting smacked around by Chris Brown.

Twitter is obviously blowin up, and thus we were presented with some great live updates from the Grammy’s. Both Diplo and Questlove were twitting (is that the word?) it up all night, and provided some great comedy.

Weezy, T.I., Jigga, Kanyeezy, and a pregnant M.I.A. rip it up with Swagger like Us. Also, Radiohead and the USC marching band play 15 Step, as Coldplay wish they could be this badass.

Non Grammy related but also worth checking out: Beirut performing live on David Letterman!

Pretty good blog posting about the history of Zone Defense in the NBA. Brings up some good questions about the legacy of great players like Jordan, who never had to deal with such schemes.

Time Magazine pokes fun at Facebook with this great article, 25 Things I didn’t Want to Know About You.

Just saw this one over at Deadspin: Chris Jericho warming up for his match with Mickey Rourke by punching women in the face!

Last but not least, I’m sure everyone has seen this but I had to post it anyways: What happens when a little kid gets really doped up on painkillers?


While we’re all gearing up for the big game this weekend, we can’t forget the new ads that will be taking over our screens.  Isaac Bearg may not be an expert but he does question whether or not such big money advertising is worth it.

Some thoughts on this years NBA season from the guys at FreeDarko.  Their NBA Almanac is a must read for fans of the league.

After mentioning Bruce Springsteen in one of my posts I felt like I should post this link containing interviews with a few New Jersey artists on the Boss’s influence.   Also included here are two great covers.

The lineup for Coachella has been posted, with Paul McCartney, The Killers, and the Cure listed as headliners, among many other great artists.  Anyone up for the trip?

While we don’t always show love for New York, i gotta give it up for Knickerblogger.  The “Seven Seconds or Mess” webisodes are definitely worth checking out and always provide great analysis of games.

For those of you who follow action sports, make sure to check out Sofa King New England, a new contest in which snowboard teams compete in a video scavenger hunt at some of the best mountains in the Northeast.

Barstool Sports has a great feature on Superbowl hookers.  This is why i want to move to Tampa.

Last but not least, it appears that Santonio Holmes hasn’t learned much from the whole Mike Vick situation.